Apcalis SX

Apcalis SX is one of the bestselling medicines in the market for its effective results that sustain for a long time in men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction). This medicine is manufactured by a well- known pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharma following the guidelines of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the WHO (World Health Organization)

Generic Name
: Tadalafil
Brand Name
: Apcalis SX
: 20mg
Expire Date
: 2016
Average Delivery
: 10 days
: Worldwide




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12 Pills 20mg $5.00 $59.95
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500 Pills 20mg $2.50 $1,249.95

Apcalis SX is signaled as a safe medicine to eradicate this sexual issue in men. This over the counter medicine is the perfect choice for the ailment of impotence.

Apcalis SX treats the most annoying and disturbing complication of impotence. Impotence is caused due to many reasons such as unhealthy diet, stress and lifestyle is among the major reasons that lead to this complication in men. Treating impotence has become low cost and easy with the help of the medicine such as Apcalis SX, which is a generic counterpart of the branded medicine Cialis. This medicine has the similar ingredients to the branded pill Cialis. The only difference between generic and branded medicine is the cost price.. The effects and results of are also similar.

Apcalis SX functions efficiently with the help of the main active element used in this medicine called Tadalafil. Besides many other elements, Tadalafil plays a major role in treating this health complication in men. Tadalafil gets dissolved in the blood vessels as soon as it consumed. Men can achieve potency in men within 45 minutes to one hour of consumption. This ingredient removes the PDE5 enzymes in the body that are responsible for causing loose erections in men. Apcalis SX is effective to make a man potent for 36 hours. This medicine enables a man to get satisfactory potency for 36 hours without consuming the pill repeatedly. Apcalis SX is available in dose strength of 20 mg that has to be consumed by men suffering from impotence.

Apcalis SX can be purchase from an online drugstore that will provide you with complete details of the medicine. Buy Apcalis SX online is the safe and best to save men from the embarrassment of buying this anti-impotence medicine over the counter. Apcalis SX medicine is low cost so that men belonging to every economic group can buy these medicine and teat their complication of erectile dysfunction to lead a healthy sexual life. The branded medicines are available in the market are highly priced, which definitely burns a hole in a layman’s pocket. Thus Apcalis SX is the most preferred pill to eradicate impotence. With the help of Apcalis SX, erectile dysfunction can be treated but it cannot be completely cured.


Apcalis SX is composed of Tadalafil, which is the main element that eradicates the complication that leads to ED. Tadalafil is categorized in the cGMP group of chemicals that inhibits the PDE5 enzymes that causes impotence in men.

The action mechanism of Apcalis SX is very simple, but the results that are shown by this medication are really effective. Tadalafil gets dissolved in the body and starts eradicating the PDE5 enzymes that cause obstruction in the blood circulation to the male organ. Due to inadequate blood flow men are unable to get hard erections during copulation. When the PDE5 enzymes are eradicated from the body, the blood flow reaching the male organ is adequate enough to enjoy blissful sexual intercourse. The elements that hamper the potency of a man are removed from the body for 36 hours. Apcalis SX is the perfect weekend pill that will satisfy you as well as your partner for a long time.


Side effects:

The following are the commonly experienced side effects of Apcalis SX. The side effects are not similar in every person, they depending on the consumption pattern. Follow the precautions before consuming this medicine in order to get the best results.

The side effects are common and fade away in a matter of a few hours. In case the above mentioned side effects sustain for a long time than it is recommended to consult the physician immediately or visit the nearest emergency center.


The following are the safety measures that every person has to follow in order to get the best results from this medicine and prevent side effects. Follow the below given safety measures to get the best results from this anti-ED medicine